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How an expired bus ticket restored my faith in us all.


How an expired bus ticket restored my faith in us all.

Penny Younger

The notion of being kind to those around you isn’t a new one, it’s probably the oldest rule in the book.

This morning, I had two different instances come up where someone was kind to me when they didn’t need to be and it really made me understand what effect we can have on people when we do this.

I was hopping on to the bus and my bus card had expired, and instead of the driver acknowledging it – I knew he heard the loud beep meaning don’t let her on – he just stared out the window in the other direction, as if to give me a 5 second window to sit down.

Firstly, he didn’t have to do this.

If he hadn’t, I would’ve had to get off the bus and buy a new prepaid card, which would mean I’d miss my second connecting bus and be late for work.

So, thank you to that guy!

The second instance was actually on that second bus I had to catch.

I risked missing it to quickly buy a bus ticket, you know, deciding to wear my big girl pants, instead of carrying an expired bus ticket and an anxious feeling in my stomach as I try my luck to get on that second bus.

So I bought the ticket, and as I came out of the shop, my bus was just about to pull away from the bus stop, about 100m ahead of me.

I decided I was getting on that bus, so I broke out into a light jog and waved at the driver… Who to my surprise waved back, stopped the bus and waited for me.

When I got on,  he greeted me with a smile and I straight away said to him “You just made my day so much easier.”

He then replied “No worries, I know how it can be,” and just like that, he literally changed the course of my morning, because he decided to show kindness.

He chose to wait 3 extra seconds for me to run, so I didn’t have to wait another 15 mins for the next bus and I also didn’t have to call work to tell them I’d be late, which would have resulted in me stressing out and arriving to work flustered.

What the driver did, created a ripple effect.

He was kind and stopped for me, and because of that I got on the bus feeling relaxed, meaning I was in the mind frame to smile at someone else and maybe do something for them to make their life easier; and from that, maybe they’d do the same.

And so it flows on.

This idea ain’t new, but it’s amazing how much you GET IT when you experience it first hand.

The driver is even responsible for this blog post, as soon as I sat down, I thought “I gotta write about this.”

It’s not hard to look for ways to make people’s day, in fact, they quite often stare us in the face but because we’re in such a rush to get to our ‘next thing,’ we don’t allow the time to engage.

A mother struggling with groceries and 3 children in a car park, an elderly woman trying to reach for the pasta one shelf too high in the grocery store; we see this stuff all the time but how often do we actually do something about it?

It’s time to start paying it forward.

I’ve had my fiance jump out of our moving car in a car park, to rush to a disabled man, to help him fold his wheelchair into his car and be with him while he got into the driver's seat.

Imagine the impact that had on the man in the wheelchair.

I doubt many people have given him that sort of spontaneous help, because we don’t, do we?

We look the other way because it’s uncomfortable for us to experience someone else’s disability, so we pretend we don’t see it.

Maybe not always, but we do it a lot as a society.

I really hope this post inspires you to look for look for opportunities to show kindness and compassion for someone else.

It’s not a new concept, you’ve heard it before, but when you are apart of creating and experiencing what that means after it’s put into practice, it will change the way you go about life, day-to-day.

It’s so easy, and it starts with you.

Just like today, it started with a bus driver deciding to wait for the girl running to get onto his bus.