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How to change your everyday experiences by only doing one thing.


How to change your everyday experiences by only doing one thing.

Penny Younger

I’m writing in a bit of a theme at the moment; accepting what is, showing up just as you are, in the now.

You can tell it’s a big theme for me right now, and the universe is continuously putting it to me in different ways.

When we’re learning about something, sometimes we are presented with the lesson many times over, and each time, we understand just a little bit more, because it is taught in a new way.

The last two blogs have been about that, and this one today is following the same theme.

I went to yoga this morning, and my teacher said something very interesting.

She said “today’s class is about getting real. It’s about recognising where you aren’t being present in your life, where you are hiding, and what you’re avoiding. It’s about changing your attitude.”

She explained that there are parts of her life she is struggling with, trying to gloss over, and essentially hiding from.

But lately, she is looking at those parts of her life, face to face, and in doing so, she is able to change her attitude about them.

She gave the examples of her toddlers.

She said how easy it is to get caught up in the routine of it all; day in, day out… another nap, another lunch, another bedtime struggle.

But in that attitude, in that ‘groundhog day’ mindset, she said she was running the risk of missing the joy in those ‘everyday’ moments.

So now, instead of losing her mind when they throw their clothes on the floor and run into the shower, she takes a minute and is pretty happy that her children have two legs, and can run.

When they throw their food, and refuse to eat it, she at least tries to high five herself that there is food on the table for them to throw.

‘What are you not being real about in your life, and what is the risk, if you continue to hide from it?

She explained that she risked being too caught up in overwhelm, and missing out on being present with her children as they grew up; even if it was messy and chaotic.

This really resonated with me.

I have a tendency of not being quite content with where I am.

The grass always seems to be greener. I look at alternative situations and assume they’d be more fun, easier or less stressful than my current one.

When I was travelling, I had moments where I envied people with stability.

Now that I’m in an apartment, living back in Australia, I have moments where all I want is to be overseas with a backpack and no plan.

Whatever job I’ve been in, at some point or another I’ve assumed that my friends have it much better than me.

It goes on.

The grass can look greener, but really, it’s all a matter of our attitude. You don’t always have to be miss sunshine, but you can shift your mindset about something enough to at least poke fun at the scenario.

When I first moved interstate from my hometown; I was house-sitting on the complete opposite side of town to where I was working. I got up at 5am to start my public transport commute to work at 6am, which isn’t that bad, but it was the middle of winter and I didn’t love the work I was going to.

For the first little while, I hated those mornings. They were dark, freezing and I knew I wouldn’t be home again til about 7pm, because the commute was so long.

However, I was tired of feeling cranky, so I made a very conscious effort to change my attitude.

I kept saying to myself: ‘today is going to a good one, I have a job to go to which means I might meet my next Facebook friend today. The public transport commute gives me time to wake up properly and to listen to music. The money I’m getting is allowing me to eat actual food and to not need to call mum crying, asking for a dinner loan.’

When we accept our circumstances for exactly what they are and face them head on, even when it’s uncomfortable, it’s then then easier to turn it all around, and change your attitude about it. If feeling grateful about something feels a little put on to you, then at least poke a little fun at it.

The message the yoga teacher had this morning, really helped me understand this concept in a whole new way today, because I definitely have a tendency to wish my life was different.

But that isn’t a circumstantial thing, it’s an attitude thing.

‘What are you not being real about in your life, and what is the risk, if you continue hiding from it?

It’s a good question to ask yourself. Be open enough to recognise the answer, and have the courage to face it, and turn it around with a bit of humour and a little attitude shift.