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Remember: Even Suzie from finance who wears Chanel everyday poops and farts


Remember: Even Suzie from finance who wears Chanel everyday poops and farts

Penny Younger

I want to discuss the idea of putting people around us on pedestals.

The idea of assuming that someone is ‘better’ than you are.

I’m sure you have someone in your life that comes to mind when you read that sentence.

Whether it’s the way someone dresses, the people they hang around with or the places they go; sometimes we just automatically put others above ourselves and assume that they are better than we are.

It might be another Mum you see when you drop your young ones off at Kindy, who always get her kids there on time, looks calm and has good hair.

Or it might be someone at work who has it all together.

When you assume someone is better than you are, you're not so much putting them above you, you are putting yourself below them.

We’re all guilty of that, I certainly am.

There have been times in my life where I have looked at Facebook photos of girls my age who seem to have it so much more together than I do; or I’ve looked at travel photos my friends have posted and I think ‘they are having so much more fun than me.’

Whatever you notice about someone that makes you feel they are better than you, is what makes you put them above you, on a pedestal.

I’m sure you can relate.

Sometimes, it's seemingly positive things that make us put people on another level to us like the ones I’ve just mentioned, but other times it’s out of fear. Being scared that someone won’t think we’re good enough.

I have come to see this as totally unnecessary. And it’s energy draining.

In the past, I have definitely felt inferior to someone else because they wore more expensive clothes than me, went to cool places on a Saturday or because their lives looked way better than mine on a Facebook page.

But I’ve come to peace in this idea: we are all the same.

Something that helps me in circumstances where I put someone on a pedestal, is remembering that we all poop, we all fart and we are all scared of something.

It was very grounding working on a yacht, for a multi millionaire with a hugely glamorous life, only to clean his bedroom and find his comic book collection or his gastro medication.

We’re all the same.

We all get embarrassed, we all have things we’d rather no one else know about us and at the end of the day, we’re all after the same thing.

To feel loved.

To feel accepted.

To feel heard.

Putting yourself on the same level as someone you’d otherwise feel inferior around is the key in feeling total ease within yourself.

Being totally cool in their presence.

Being totally cool around the co worker who you compare yourself to because they are making three times the sales you are; or around the guy you have a flaming crush on but would never actually talk to in fear of looking stupid.

Be cool, know your worth.

When we put people above ourselves, it’s because we are assuming they are worth more than we are.

It all comes down to that; isn’t that ridiculous.

Fancy thinking someone else is worth better than you because they have a higher position at work or wear a brand of clothes you can’t afford, or because they eat a better lunch than you.

All of that means very little when it’s all said and done.

The funny thing is, you will probably find that they also put you on some sort of pedestal in their own life.

Maybe they envy the friends you have, or the car you drive.

We all have amazing qualities, yet we all ignore them in order to wish we had something else.

Something they have.

We love to think that the grass is always greener.

But we need to start thinking differently.

Put yourself in their shoes, what would you notice about yourself, if you were someone else?

Put yourself on the pedestal.

The harder you find that idea to be, the more you need to be doing it.

This doesn’t mean I’m better than them – it means I’m just as amazing as they are.

Why can’t we all be amazing? All we need to do, is decide to be.

I challenge you today, to put yourself on the pedestal.

Quit wishing you were like someone else and embrace your own power.

Own your amazingness.

Today, every time you notice something amazing about someone else, make the effort to also notice something amazing about yourself.

When you decide to shine, you allow others to as well.

Be grateful for the people you put on pedestals, because they are inspiring you to push further and to dig deeper.

Decide to shine in their presence and watch your whole life light up.