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Size does matter. And here’s why it might be the little things you’re after.


Size does matter. And here’s why it might be the little things you’re after.

Penny Younger

I just watched Father of the Bride; I’m not sure if you know it or remember it? It’s a 1990’s movie with Steve Martin and Diane Keaton (two of my favourites) and the story of their daughter’s wedding and everything that happens in the lead up to it.

I used to watch this with my parents growing up, so I messaged my Dad throughout the whole thing – sending screen shots of where I was up to in the movie and we spent the whole time messaging each other, exchanging our favourite lines.

And this my friend, made me cry – pretty much all through the movie.

Mostly in the parts of the movie that showed the ‘little moments;’ – a family basketball game played next to the garage, a midnight hug shared between father and daughter the night before her wedding, family dinners, the moment she and her dad are at the top of the aisle about to walk down and the first wedding dance.

This movie is so representative of what this year is about for me; making the little moments, the big ones.

It made me so excited to come home to Australia, after being away for a couple of years.

I’m so excited for nights on the couch, watching old favourites with my parents, summer BBQ’s, toasting champagne glasses to achievements, cooking dinner with my Mum, playing family tennis, Saturday morning walks and kisses goodnight.

It also makes me so grateful for the little moments I’m experiencing now.

Being in South Africa and having some much needed girl time with my sStep Mother-in-law while my partner is away for a month, studying a yacht course. We are watching rom coms (I’m well aware this is going to be a thing of the past when he gets back), having chats over tea and coffee, breathing in mountain air and having two2 horses in the front yard like you would normal house pets.

In staying true to the way I want to feel this year; full of love, gratitude and presence, I feel so full at the moment.

I’ve set an alarm 3 times a day that goes off and says “Grateful Moment” just to remind me to stop, see where I’m standing and be really present for a minute.

And it’s working.

I feel so much love around me.

And so much love within me.

If you want something in your life, you must be super conscious and super active in nurturing it – so that’s my little way of making sure I take gratitude and presence to where I want it in my life; something I live and breathe.

I mean, it’s so easy to set new years’ resolutions that you think you ‘should’ do, like join a gym or eat less crap.

But I’m finding it so powerful in scrapping the resolutions, and instead coming from a place of feeling. Danielle LaPorte has a steller book on this called “The Desire Map.” You need to read it.

If you have a resolution which looks a little like the ones I mentioned above, involving a gym or a few less chocolate blocks in your pantry, look a little deeper at the feeling you are seeking in that.

Is it to feel healthy, or maybe to feel strong, or even to feel social – if meeting new people is a motivation for you.

Whatever the feeling is you want to feel, channel that.

Sit with it for a bit.

Map out the things that will make you feel those feelings and start engaging in them.

Be brave.

Get deliberate.

And life a big beautiful life – your way.