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The one thing between a good life; and a rich life.


The one thing between a good life; and a rich life.

Penny Younger

Recently, I’ve been emotional.

I’ll be watching a movie and I’ll well up in tears when a father and daughter hug, or I’ll hear of someone taking a risk in order to live their passion – and I’ll reach for a tissue.

A goodnight message from my mum last night made me wipe away a tear. (I’m still living overseas).

My dad telling me how often my Grandad asks after me – let’s not even go there.

And writing this makes it so blatantly obvious to me why.

Because I am so grateful, and because I’m vulnerable enough to really allow these moments and the people, to touch my life.

The other day, my cousin-to-be sent me pictures of wedding dress inspirations for her and that made me cry again.

Earlier yesterday, I was visualising my wedding day (that is a good two to five years away), and in it, I saw myself cry (ball) whilst standing in front of my husband-to-be and my first thought was:

“God I can’t do that! I can’t cry and ruin my make up before the ceremony actually begins”

Please note: my solution for that first world problem is to just invite the make up artist to the wedding; to be there right til the end! Then I can go ahead and ball my eyes out as much as I want; really go for gold.

There are so many moments in life where vulnerability calls us, yet we shun it away for fear of looking silly or being too sensitive.

When we are in moments that provoke emotion, it’s our god given right to experience them in all their glory.

Snot and all.

When we allow our emotion to be a part of whatever situation it creeps into, we embrace vulnerability and we experience the moment we’re in with all its preciousness.

A beautiful video to watch on this, is Dr Brene Brown’s TED talk on “The power of vulnerability” here.

While I’m at it, I don’t just mean tears. I also mean laughter.

Life wants us to be vulnerable.

To live without the walls we put up.

It’s given us tears and laughter to use to express what impact a moment is having on us.

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to burst out laughing but couldn’t because it was inappropriate? Or somewhere you wanted to cry, but didn’t in case the person you were with thought you were:

a)         Odd

b)         A Hot Mess

Me too.

But each time I stopped myself, I denied myself the fullness of what I was feeling, and what was happening.

My life is so different when I allow vulnerability to be a part of it.

So now, if I want to cry, I’ll cry. Happy or sad tears – it doesn’t matter.

If I want to laugh, god I’ll hose myself til breathing becomes an issue.

I’m done worrying about when and where and because of what that I show the emotion I am feeling.

Instead, I see crying, laughing and everything in between as a little high five from the universe; that I’m open, I’m living and I’m unafraid to show it.

So if you’re feeling good, tell someone, hug someone, smile at a stranger, or do a little dance. Do something that lets the world into your happiness.

Same goes with when you don’t feel so hot. Lean on a loved one, call a friend at 3am, swear or ball your little eyes out.

When we invite emotion in, we soften into vulnerability and in turn – we allow others to love us and to share our journey with us, wholeheartedly and totally uncensored.

That, to me, is what transforms a good life, into a life of riches and fulfilment.