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What do you want to bring into your life? What do you want to let go of? Here are my answers to those questions.


What do you want to bring into your life? What do you want to let go of? Here are my answers to those questions.

Penny Younger

One of my new year’s resolutions was to have a ‘wild woman’ day every full moon.

I was visualising flower crowns, beach bonfires, singing, dancing, laughing, intention setting and hands in the air.

For the last two full moons, I’ve done just that.

I’ve spent the night with three other wild women and made flower crowns, listened to music, talked about life and all its juicy-ness, made tea and ate popcorn.

This is my version of heaven.

After that, we put our flower crowns on, grabbed a blanket and a few oversized candles and headed for the park.

For the next hour or so, we sat in a little huddle, took turns talking about one thing we’d like to release in our lives and something we are intending to bring in.

An out with the old, in with the new type thing.

We then proceeded to howl at the moon, and holy freaking hell it was hilarious and so fun!

Now, I’m an 8 hours of sleep per night kind of girl, but although I only got about 6 that night due to being high on life, I woke up the next morning feeling so refreshed and absolutely on top of the world. I felt closer to myself.

The most important person you’ll ever meet in life will be you; and when you catch glimpses of her (or him), greet her kindly and recognise what made her come to the surface.

Being completely open and unashamed to really delve into what lights you up and brings you into alignment with your true self. There is bravery in that.

You might think I’m an actual fruit loop for howling at the moon, but this is where my own shamelessness has to come in.

I howled at the moon, in a park, with a bunch of friends; we can giggle at it together, it’s ok.

When I came home from living overseas, people at home would comment that I look a little different, and I know it’s because I’d come closer to my true self.

I was in my element abroad, I know that because along the road, I got glimpses of who I really was.

The more I kept going, the more glimpses I got, until I slowly learnt to join the dots of glimpses into longer and longer moments of dwelling within my true self, where I constantly felt like I was making choices that were my own and no one else’s.

The same thing has happened for the last two months on full moon, I decided I wanted some more wildness in my life, so I grabbed some mates and off we went.

Somewhere mid howl, I saw her again.

I saw me.

I was anchored within myself and I was centered because I was doing something that was lighting me up.

Every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in all your glory, each time you walk away from something feeling alive and connected, witness what made you feel that way and make sure you get as much as that in your life as possible.

That’s what meeting yourself and being true is; being unashamed of what lights you up, what gets your juices going and living it, full throttle.

There is truth in the quiet too, you don’t need a flower crown to be brave in your quest for a face to face meeting with yourself.

It might actually look like spending a night alone, when you would normally need to be with other people; being alone is brave.

It doesn’t matter what you do, so long as when you do it, there is an ease and almost an exhale from your body; an “Ahh… I’m home.”

YOU are the most important person you will ever meet in your life, show up to the places and activities you know your true self will be at.

To give yourself that space in your life; to be brave and to be unashamed to feel whatever truth and joy might be to you, is what meeting yourself truly is.