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Why always searching for “more” doesn’t make you greedy OR selfish.


Why always searching for “more” doesn’t make you greedy OR selfish.

Penny Younger

In 2012, 2013 and 2014, I lived overseas; working and travelling.

Depending on who you are and what your idea of a ‘long time’ is, this might seem like a lifetime or like a drop in the ocean.

I know people that have lived overseas for 10 years, and I also know people who’ve never left the country they were born in.

Neither is right or wrong, it’s just a personal choice as to what you’d like life to look like.

Now that I’m home, I’m reflecting on why I decided to live abroad in the first place and I’m finding the answer very simple.

I wanted to travel because I wanted more.

I didn’t know what that looked like, but I knew how it felt.

It felt freeing, liberating, spacious and inspiring.

I felt like coming home to myself a little bit.

So I followed those feelings on my travels, if I came across something that made me feel that way, I stayed, if something made me feel anything but those things, I left.

I also decided to travel because I knew I had to.

Sometimes you just know when something is going to be apart of your journey, and I always knew that a few years abroad straight after university had to be apart of my story.

When I left my hometown of Brisbane in 2012, I felt uninspired, I felt bored and I felt half full – not because of where I was, but because of who I was.

I knew there was more to feel, more to experience and more to learn. I somehow knew that by travelling, I wouldn’t so much find what I was looking for in something – it was never something I had to find – rather it was a place within my own life I wanted to get to.

An inner quiet maybe.

You could say the reason for my travels, aside from wanting more – was also about listening to that inner knowing we all have, that I was supposed to go and explore.

We all have those gut feelings inside us, telling us what to do… guiding us.

Going overseas for an unspecified amount of time was what mine was telling me to do, for no particular reason, other than to just go, and to trust that the path would lead me somewhere worthwhile.

I think that’s really something I take away from my time overseas; to listen.

It’s very easy to ignore guidance we are given, whether because we can’t hear it or we don’t like what it's saying.

But I made a commitment to always live by this guidance while I was away, and it never took me anywhere I wasn’t supposed to go.

It lead me to new friends, a new relationship and a whole new way of experiencing the world and what it has to offer.

I think it’s a beautiful thing to want ‘more’, and I don’t mean that in the sense of turning your nose up at the life you have in front of you in search of something else.

I mean being totally grateful for the life you have, and simply wanting to deepen it. Give it more.

More meaning.

More depth.

More expansion.

These things might not lead you overseas, but they will lead you to your truth.

It might simply be enrolling in a course you’ve always been interested in, or quitting your job, or moving to a new suburb.

For me, more looked like a couple of years living out of a backpack, and working in another country.

Just the idea of it brought me closer to myself, and when we pursue a journey outside of ourselves, it is always relating to a journey we take inward.

I wanted to feel accomplished, to look around, knowing I was living the life of my dreams and that I got myself there; and loving how it looked, and felt.

You don’t need to be abroad to feel this way about your life, you can absolutely feel this way at home as well, and that’s a beautiful lesson I’ve discovered; that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but that it’s bright green everywhere you go, you just need to fertilise it with the right stuff.

At the time, I needed to be away, and do some work on myself so at the end of it all, I could come back, being a woman I was proud of.

It wasn’t Australia, it was me.

So I followed the doors that were opening in front of me, because I knew they were guidance from the universe towards discovering what would fill me up and satisfy me, long term.

It was leading me to a deeper, fuller version of myself.

That inner knowing that led me abroad has really taught me to live my life differently. It has taught me to listen.

I listened to the gut feelings telling me to get on a plane, and even though I was scared silly, I did it anyway.

I now live my life in the same way on a full time basis, I always check in with my gut feelings and I trust them regardless of how insane or irrational they might be.

Even if I can’t fathom how or why I should follow it, I do; and it’s always, always lead me to where I’m supposed to be.

Living my life from this perspective has completely changed my life. I no longer over analyse things, I feel it and then I follow it.

What I want you to take from this, is to start tapping into your gut feelings and to experiment with them; follow them for once and see where they take you.

Trust that these feelings are never accidental, in fact, they are the life blood to your existence, and when you start living by them your life starts to open up and to flow, in ways you could never imagine.