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Why you can sleep through your alarm and miss the 6am yoga class if you want!


Why you can sleep through your alarm and miss the 6am yoga class if you want!

Penny Younger

I just finished reading an email newsletter that I subscribe to.

In it, the girl said she had written a very heartfelt letter to a friend, speaking from her heart, ‘as the woman she is today.’

This really struck a chord with me.

At the moment, I’m having a little internal battle (as we do) over what it is I’m supposed to give to the world in terms of my purpose, what I do for work, how I show up for those I love and also how I write here, on my blog.

But what I’m realising, is that the answer to all of these things isn’t external to myself; it is to simply show up as the woman I am today, with as much courage and as much heart as I can give, wherever I am in my life.

It isn’t the woman I hope to grow into in five years’ time.

It isn’t the woman I hope people will approve of.

It isn’t the woman I think I should be.

The only woman I need to show up as is the one I am today, right now.

The only message I need to focus on, is my truth, today.

A little while back, I did some talks at some high schools to girls that are in a stage in their lives where they don’t so much focus on themselves as they do their ‘pack.’

Girls in high school are very much in a pack mentality. As long as their friends love them, and the boy they are stalking on Facebook likes their status; life is good.

Before my talks, I remember brainstorming; what do they need from me? What will inspire them the most? How can I get through to them?

But really, the only way I was ever going to get through to them, inspire them and be what they needed at the very moment I stood in front of them, was to simply show up, as who I was in that moment, and speaking from that space.

The same goes with anything, I feel like I’m constantly thinking forward.

How can I improve this? How can I do that better? What will this look like in a year’s time? What plans can I make for tomorrow?

But really, all I need to ever worry about, is showing up as who I am right now, and dealing with what is in front of me, as I am, not who I think I might be, or who I’m working towards being.

(Enter the future Penny who goes to bed at 9.30pm, does yoga at 6am and who is learning to speak Afrikaans, in fact, she is pretty much fluent.)

All the world needs from us; all our friends need, all our partner needs, all our families need - and hell, all the check-out chick needs – is for us to show up, as we are, in this moment; as we are today.

The person who is working towards waking up earlier but right now can’t wake up earlier than 8am on a weekend.

The person who wants to buy her produce from organic markets but currently buys them from Coles.

The person who has a vision of being a CEO in 10 years, but has only just been hired as a receptionist.

Show up, and speak as the woman (or man) you are today, with all the experiences you currently have under your belt, with all the knowledge you’ve accumulated, and all the change you’ve endured.

Be patient, be present, and be who you are today.

Speak only ever as this person.

Because only this person, is the truth.