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Why you should make time for that checkout chick who is cranky and gave you the wrong change.


Why you should make time for that checkout chick who is cranky and gave you the wrong change.

Penny Younger

Last night, I was reminded about that saying; “be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.”

I was spending time with one of my closest friends, and during our time together she confided in me something that had been going on for her over the past year; something I had absolutely no idea about and definitely didn’t see coming.

This girl is like my family, yet even she is battling something I was completely unaware of until yesterday.

Lately, I’ve been guilty of not prioritising her, I’ve kinda been in my own little world which has been full of worries like how I’m going to make rent and afford to have a social life, all the while, she has been fighting a battle; solo.

This brought me down to earth pretty quickly, and made me remember two things.

1)         No matter how close you are to your loved ones, or no matter how unimportant you think your attitude might be to someone you cross paths with once at a checkout, both scenarios contain people you exchange energy with.

In both, instances you are interacting with a human being; and being a human, means they are experiencing life, just like you are.

They are experiencing a million different emotions throughout the day about various things in their lives, and how you treat them; whether as a best friend or as a customer at a check out, matters.

It may make whatever internal battle they are fighting, just a little more bareable.

Which leads me to my second point.

2)         No matter how well you know your loved ones, never assume they aren’t dealing with things on their own, that you have no idea about. You really never know what a person is handling or dealing it in their own private space.

Everyone deals with life and everything it brings in very different ways. Some open up about it and others prefer to deal with things alone. Just because you aren’t aware of something, doesn’t mean it’s not going on.

Last light I was reminded that even the people in my inner most circle have the potential to be dealing with things they aren’t ready to talk about yet. Which means everything I’ve done or said to this friend up until now, has impacted her either positively or negatively according to how she might have been feeling about this issue at the time, despite me having no clue about it.

Last night I was reminded just how vulnerable and tender we are as human beings and that we need to make every effort, every day, to take care of each other. I was also reminded to never assume that we have the luxury of taking out a bad day on someone else, or not returning a phone call, or forgetting to ask how someone is and actually listening to the answer.

Last night, I was completely touched by my friend’s bravery and vulnerability, and it reminded me that everyone we meet is dealing with something we don’t know about, and that we must always strive to treat our loved ones – and strangers – with grace, and humility.