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How to tune in with yourself


How to tune in with yourself

Penny Younger

For a long time, I've heard the phrase 'tune in with yourself.' I've heard it from self help/wellness leaders that I follow, books I read and friends I talk to.

But, for so long, I was clueless as to what it actually looked like in practise.

I understand the concept of tuning in with yourself in order to sense what's right for you in any given moment.

For example, when you have a decision to make, in order to discern the right choice option for you, you tune in with yourself.

For instance, you may feel stressed, so ask yourself what you might need in that moment to make yourself feel better. Is it a cup of tea, do you need to call a friend, or might you need to take a walk to get fresh air?

The concept has always been easy to understand.

However, I never quite 'got' what it entailed in practise. 

How do you actually do it? How do you tune into yourself? What do you do?

In this video, I talk about what I've learnt to do, and what that looks like in real life scenarios.

PRESS PLAY TO WATCH: (6:40 minutes)

I hope hearing what I do helps you find some inspiration in finding a way to do this, that really works for you. 

If there is someone you know who might benefit from this, please would you share it with them?

Thank you so much for being here. xx