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Bumping into someone from your past, and making it peaceful


Bumping into someone from your past, and making it peaceful

Penny Younger

Around this time last year, I went to an event that I knew someone I used to love and be very close with, was going to be at.

I spent a few weeks in the lead up obsessing over what I would wear and how I'd do my hair and how exactly I wanted to present myself. I wanted to put my best foot forward and I wanted that person to know 'how well I was doing.' 

Amidst all of this hype and chaos - over finding a new dress to wear and what shoes would match - I realised how utterly stupid I was being over this whole thing. 

Why was I getting so crazy over seeing this person? Why did I care so much about what I wore and how I presented myself and ultimately; what they thought of me?

When we see someone we were once close with, that we no longer see or speak to, we (I) can sometimes get so caught up in what they're going to think of us, that we lose ourselves in the process.

Here's what happened to me in this situation and what I ended up doing to make myself feel really peaceful about the encounter.

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