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How to handle a challenge in life with confidence


How to handle a challenge in life with confidence

Penny Younger

There's been many times that I've had life present me with curveballs, sticky situations and things I generally didn't ask for.

I used to put my hands over my eyes, hoping those things would disappear or sort themselves out at the very least. But when that (surprisingly) didn't work, I had to make a plan B.

Plan B looked a lot like winging it.

I never have any idea what I'm doing when I get thrown into the deep end (do we ever?) but we can either approach these things by doubting our ability to get through it, or we can roll our sleeves up and back ourselves.

We all need to be reminded of how capable we are to face the challenges that life throws at us. Here's something that helps me step up to the plate when life asks me to.

If there is someone you know and love who could do with this reminder, I'd love you to share it with them. 

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