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What our photos really say about us.


What our photos really say about us.

Penny Younger

This is such a weird and slightly hilarious thing to even publish or take seriously, but like it or not, photos of ourselves are more important than they were 15 years ago.

15 years ago, we had a camera with a roll of film it in, with 32 photos per roll, and they either stayed inside the cases that Target gave to us when we developed them, or at best, they were put into a photo album.

Fast forward a decade and we open an app, choose a filter and hit publish. 

I don't know about you, but I scrutinise photos to post. Sometimes, I go to an event that I'm so excited to publish a photo of, only to then look at the actual photos and decide it's best to hit delete. Even though the outfit looked good that day and my hair behaved, I just wasn't photogenic and I no longer want to share the photo.

It wasn't until I was walking a few weeks back, that I even contemplated why we have some photos of ourselves that we love, and others that we'd rather delete. 

I hope this video will help shift the way you think about yourself in photos and help explain what I've realised about photos that we look beautiful in, versus photos we wonder what the hell happened in. 

PRESS PLAY TO WATCH: (8.23 minutes)

I'm beginning to see that photos say a thousand words and sometimes, what a photo captures is more than just the outfit you've got on. Photos really can capture the state of our hearts, whats going on for us, and it can ever so subtly express what we are smiling over the top of. 

We all love to post photos of things that mean a lot to us. Photos with our partners, with our family, at our best friend's 30th and at weddings. What I've come to understand though, is that sometimes we put too much emphasis on how we are going to look - the angle, the light, the hair - and not enough time tuning in with how we're actually feeling in the moments we are documenting.

Are we feeling centred, lit up and connected? Or have we spent the whole evening in a dress we aren't comfortable in, trying to look the part while slowly becoming more miserable and feeling blah? The latter, is what losing touch with yourself looks like, and if you want to look radiant and happy in photos, you actually need to be comfortable and feeling at ease.

The quickest way to do this, is before you go to the event you are wanting to document, tune in with what's going on for you that day. If you are feeling flat and a little blah, don't put the pressure on yourself to take heaps of photos and 'put on a show' for the camera. Go easy on yourself and just enjoy the moment that is in front of you.

If you find that you're feeling really good (in your heart space) then have fun and get snap happy but then upon reviewing the photos that you'd love to post on your Instagram, don't be negative about your features  and question whether that colour looked good on you; remind yourself of how great you felt at the time, and use that as your motivation for documenting. 

The quickest way to being photogenic is to allow your beautiful heart to shine through your eyes, and not the wearing of a gorgeous dress that you don't feel yourself in. 

Despite this being a left of field thing to even write about, it's relevant to the world we live in because on a weekly basis, we are sharing our lives through photos. 

Instead of trying to look good for photos by wearing something amazing, or trying different angles, see how different you feel in a photo when you simply relax, and concentrate on enjoying the moment. 

Life is to be lived, enjoyed and savoured. If we get to document it, that's a bonus. 

If you want to look good in a photo, try feeling good first, and watch that smile of yours outshine the dress you put on in the hope of looking good in the first place.