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Yep, we’ve all cried over spilt milk, you’re not crazy. I did today too.

Penny Younger

Today, I am feeling unsettled.

I started off having a really lovely morning; I read at a café and then wandered around the shops. I was feeling nice and relaxed. However, shortly after ‘relaxed’; I lost my parking ticket to get out of the car park, I sat in 45 mins of traffic in a lane that turned out to be the one I wasn’t supposed to be in and I had a blaring headache. These events all piled up and it made me anxious and irritated.

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2013 Recap

Penny Younger

2013 started in South Africa, then it lead me to Bali, it took me home to Australia, to Europe and now I am finishing it in South Africa again. I’ve experienced many moments between January 1st and today, New Year’s Eve. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried...

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